Where 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Manufacturing

The current state of the manufacturing industry cannot be overlooked but should be seen as being of paramount importance. With over 937 candidates in total vying for Presidency, can you take a quick guess on how many are standing on an intended manufacturing policy? Have you taken that guess? Hold that number in your head and we’ll reveal the answer later on.

It is only natural that most candidates vying for the US presidency would want to stand on issues that the public find enticing. Let’s just say that manufacturing is not the star of the show. In 2016, Donald Trump led a successful campaign emphasizing creating more jobs through manufacturing. His major presidential competitors must have perceived it as mundane and gone for pressing issues like taxes, trade agreements, workforce, tariffs and the ultimate standing China with the United States. Although these issues seem not to make a clear statement on manufacturing, when in balance, they would invariably affect manufacturing.

According to Industry Week, Most major candidates seem not to focus on manufacturing, however, some have clear cut agendas on pushing the United States to manufacturing competitiveness. For example, Warren states as part of his campaign plan and in support for the GND, a $2 trillion green manufacturing plan where the government develops a low-carbon manufacturing sector in every state. This would lead to the procurement of American made, clean energy products. With this vision from Warren, it is still rather alarming that most top candidates are quiet on this issue of industrialization.

The Trump vs China Policy 

Speaking of Trumps’ imposition of the China trade policies and intellectual property practices, it is evident that most candidates focus more on undoing Trump’s tariff. ASME.org found that the 2018 tariffs benefited some manufacturers with an increased value of 7% but trade and export suffered. Instead of taking advantage of this information, their decisions look like a fight against the Trump administration rather than taking a technical look at how to make the United States remain uninfluenced by China.

Democrats and The Green New Deal (GND)

The GND is one aspect that may have divided the democrats. Although it seems more like a fight against climate change, it also aids industrialization. Trump and Yeng seem to be together when it comes to opposing the GND. While Warren, Bidden and some other democrats are for the GND, some others like Weld and Booker have shown some concerns regarding how it plans on being executed. Regardless of the debate, at least there are some of the top polling democrats support the GND. This is a step forward at least.

Moving forward, it is inevitable that 937 would eventually reduce with some people dropping out along the way. As we see it, some candidates would inevitably change their stance along the line to well align with manufacturing but before then, let’s let you off your guess. We asked how many 2020 presidential candidates stood for manufacturing and the answer is “Not Enough”.