Confection Industry

Confection is a segment of the food and beverage industry that produces and sells candy, chocolate, gum, snacks and other sweets with a large global market, with products ranging from traditional sweets to more modern, sophisticated confectionery items.

Confectionery involves a variety of processes, including the selection of raw materials, such as sugar, cocoa, and flavorings, the production of confectionery products through processes such as mixing, blending, drying, molding, coating, packaging and distribution.

The confectionery industry is subject to trends and demands in the global market, as well as regulations and standards for food safety and labeling. Companies in the confectionery industry must continually innovate and adapt to meet consumer demands, preferences and tastes for on-the-go products.

Some of the major players in the confectionery industry include Mondelez International, Mars, Inc., Nestlé, The Hershey Company, and Ferrero. The industry is highly competitive, with companies continuously striving to develop new products, improve production processes, and expand into new markets.

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