Paddle Blenders | Ribbon Blender

The Model HMI ribbon blender is an economical alternative to our HMD custom-engineered model. The style has been standardized as a simple “cookie cutter” design and is readily available from stock. Customization of this model is very limited but the design is very practical and suitable for most blending applications.

Standard Features

  • Working capacities from 1 to 1500 cubic feet
  • Stainless Steel Split Packing Glands
  • Pneumatic Knife Gate discharge valve
  • Fully welded and polished interior contact points
  • Heavy Duty self-aligning pillow block bearings
  • Hinged covers
  • Removable safety grates
  • Chain & Sprocket Drive (Direct Drive OPTIONAL)

A majority of sizes are always in stock.

The Orbis Machinery HMD is a custom-engineered blender configured and tailored specifically for the  product to be processed. It is available in 3 configurations

Double Ribbon Agitator

The double ribbon agitator produces a homogenous blend of ingredients. Consisting of an inner and an outer ribbon, the outer ribbon moves product in the opposite direction to the inner ribbon—providing  a uniform counter flow of product throughout the entire trough of the blender. Ribbons can be arranged for center bottom or end bottom discharging. Typical mixing times can range from 5-20 minutes for fill levels from 50 to 100% of working capacity.

Paddle/Ribbon Agitator

The paddle/ribbon agitator consists of an inner ribbon with outer paddles and suitable for delicate products. The blending principle is the same as the ribbon agitator. The outer paddles however, produce less heat energy and friction than a continuous outer ribbon making this option applicable for heat sensitive products as well.

Paddle Agitator

The paddle agitator is best suited for stirring or blending ingredients of equal size and density. Because the paddle agitator lacks an inner ribbon, the batch can pile in the center of the trough and actually separate ingredients of different bulk densities or particle size.