Protecting Your Manufacturing Company’s Critical Data

Cyber criminals used to target mainly companies with huge financial data but now attention is being shifted to manufacturing companies. More recently, the manufacturing industry has come under the devilish radar of cyber criminals and hackers. The reason isn’t far-fetched, manufacturers holds valuable intellectual properties that have financial value to cyber-criminals. Aside being targets of espionage and state sponsored attackers, manufacturers are also perceived as weak targets. This is due to lack of a uniform cyber-security framework that manufacturers can adopt. More so, a good number of manufacturing companies are still relying on outdated legacy equipment is storing valuable data.
More than ever before, cyber-security has become more critical, and manufacturers have to up their cyber-security game to stay in business. A data leak can bring about devastating impact, leading to loss of business prospect. By providing answers to the following questions, manufacturing companies can better protect their data;

Who and How is Data Handled?
To start with, manufacturing companies need to limit employees access to data. In the financial sector, it’s referred to a less is more approach. In order for critical data not to fall into the wrong hands, only selected hands have to have access to company data. Access to servers containing trade secrets should only be granted to employees are needs it. More importantly, stringent data handling protocols needs to be implemented. This is to ensure that when attack is launched, it can be easily traced and contained.

Where is Your Weakest Point?
This can only be ascertained with proper and regular vulnerability test. You can only know your strength by subjecting it to testing. This way, you will be able to identify the most vulnerable areas where the most defense needs to be deployed. By carrying out advanced and appropriately scoped vulnerability testing, manufacturing companies can understand where it is they are weakest the most. Without knowing your weakest point, deploying defense is more of a trial and error.

How Security Conscious are Your Employees?
Security breaches that leads to cyber attacks and data leaks often occur due to poor internet habits. Unless your employees with access to company data are trained to be security conscious, your cyber-security defense will always be in shambles. This is why access should only be given to few employees who are well trained in recognizing and preventing digital risks. At intervals, manufacturing companies should also identify the employees who are in need of cyber-security knowledge for training.

What Will Be Your Immediate Response to Cyber Attacks?
Regardless of the size of your manufacturing company, you need to know that you are not immune from cyber attacks. It will always happen regardless of how prepared you are.
However, the question here is, how will your manufacturing company respond to such attack. There should be a culture change towards responding to data leak emergencies in your manufacturing company. Never see cyber-security as an IT department issue, it should be seen as an issue that can affect the entire rank and file.
A data leak can put the manufacturing company out of business. It’s an issue that goes beyond just few individuals, it’s one that needs everyone’s awareness and consciousness.