Digital Distortion in Manufacturing

The digital economy is here and it’s the driver of numerous industries. The manufacturing environment is not left out, it is relying on the improved connectivity to provide data. It’s just similar to how some manufacturers are already reaping the benefits of digital transformation while others are struggling to have a knowledge of what it connotes.

Of course, digital distortion is quite easy for certain aspects of the manufacturing industry than for others. There is still a lot missing with the reliance on connectivity in the manufacturing industry, digital transformation is still underway.

Today, manufacturers have a clearer understanding of what they are leaving on the table by not leveraging on digital tools. That means a manufacturer is unable to access, analyze and utilize data that could improve the manufacturing processes. Nonetheless, despite the digital transformation occurring within the manufacturing industry, there is rarely any support for IIOT, currently only 42% of the industry are at the implementation stage for IIOT.

The reality is that, it’s not about lack of support but IIOT fatigue being suffered by the manufacturers. With the low entry barriers of adopting digital transformation kits, manufacturers often fail to pay attention to measurable goals which is why it’s easy to see them fizzling out in no time.

A Shift From PoC to PoV.

There is already too much focus on Proof of Concept and none on proof of value. It is time to shift the attention from one to the other. Testing should not just be about the functioning of the technology but the immense value it is able to add to the manufacturing process. What we are seeing is too many IOT platforms that distracts from the main objective rather than improve the process.

It does not add any value to the manufacturing process if a manufacturer is unable to derive impactful value from the huge investment into digital technologies. The bigger picture is about industrial productivity and efficiency rather than redundancy, and only a technology with value can deliver this.

You need to take a deep dive into what every digital technology is able to achieve for your business. Always focus on the anticipated value a solution is able to bring rather than the thrills of it workings.

The Way Out of the Distortion

It’s time to look beyond just deploying IIOT technologies but emphasizing on the need to invest into digital technologies with improved capabilities. In adopting any digital tools, manufacturers need to emphasize on continuity, convergence, collaboration and connectivity. It is through all of these four dimensions can a manufacturer decide what’s best for the process.