Manufacturing Engineering Majors are on the Rise

Over the past 10 years, the number of individuals earning degrees in engineering has consistently risen. This trend is expected to continue moving forward. One specific discipline of engineering, manufacturing engineering, is becoming more and more appealing as time goes on.

Manufacturing engineering is a branch of engineering that encompasses both the understanding and application of manufacturing processes and production methods. Its focus is on improving the production of an item either through more effective manufacturing processes or product design changes. Graduates may pursue careers in several fields that utilize manufacturing such as automotive, medical, and consumer electronics.

The amount of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees earned in manufacturing engineering has increased more than 150% in the last decade alone. This shows that the number of students showing interest in this field has been and continues to be on the rise. Obtaining this degree gives individuals the opportunity to explore many different specialties. Lab research and academic projects are often available for completion while still in school, bringing together students with research facilities and small to medium-sized manufacturers in research and innovation.

After graduation, a degree in manufacturing engineering puts students on a solid career path. Although the Bureau of Labor Statics does not break out each specific type of engineering in their numbers, employment of engineers as a whole is expected to grow by 8% by 2026. With a mean salary reaching over $90,000 for most engineering industries, the future is looking bright for those embracing a manufacturing engineering degree.

This degree not only improves individual’s standard of living but also has strong influence in processes that may help thousands of individuals. Consumer focused devices may have even further reach. Manufacturing is also a large contributing factor of a healthy economy, encompassing approximately 10% of the US economy each year. While it plays a large role domestically, manufacturing has global outreach through research and new processes that can improve the standard of living across the world. Innovation is key to continued growth and advancements.

The future of engineering careers looks bright and often manufacturing engineers get to contribute to products and processes that improve the lives of many. Choosing to pursue a degree in manufacturing engineering will set students on the path for success in one of the most important industries and make a real impact in future innovations.

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