Why Choose Us

Orbis Machinery, LLC is conveniently located in Waukesha, Wisconsin in the Weldall Mfg. Inc. facility. Weldall serves as our exclusive partner and provider of Orbis Machinery equipment and designs. Weldall is one of the country’s premier, full service metal fabrication and metal processing manufacturers.

Our partnership allows for the most stringent quality control measures to be observed to provide only the highest quality equipment. Our facility has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Standards in addition to maintaining the “U” and “R” ASME code stamp certificates for pressure vessel construction.

Orbis is led by two industry-respected specialists with over 60 years of combined process and engineering knowledge.

Steve Jakubiak

Served as Director of Engineering and Manufacturing for Aaron Process Equipment Company, Inc. He was responsible for design, product development, manufacturing and implementation of process machinery. During his 30 year career he has worked on over 4,000 projects and amassed a vast knowledge of industrial mixing, blending and drying equipment.

Ernie Jones

Served as Chief Engineer for Paul O Abbe, Inc. and was responsible for the design and development of drying, mixing and milling equipment. During his 30 plus years of experience, he has implemented hundreds of mixing, drying and milling systems and prototypes. Throughout his career he has facilitated numerous plant installations, provided field support engineering and worked with clients in solving manufacturing needs. Ernie is also a registered Design Certifying Engineer (DCE) with the D.O.T. in Washington DC.

We invite you to tour our facility to see our workmanship & products being made first hand.

Our Quality Policy

Orbis Machinery, LLC, Weldall Mfg. Inc. and its people will meet or exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement and making Quality and Customer Service our top priority.

Weldall Mfg., Inc. is a full service metal fabrication and metal processing manufacturer of the highest integrity and quality. They specialize in medium to large weldments crafted by extremely skilled American Welding Society (AWS) Certified welders. They also possess the skilled workforce and capital intensive equipment required to complete intricate CNC machining and other secondary operations required by some of our clients' various fabrication projects. Their facility has been Certified by UL DQS Inc. to ISO 9001: 2008 Standards.

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