About Us

After over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, two respected professionals decided to venture out on their own to provide their customers the best service possible. Since experiencing numerous companies that treat their customers as simply a number, they aspired to create a company where their clients truly came first.

In December of 2013, Orbis Machinery, LLC was formed. Based in Waukesha WI, Orbis Machinery, LLC now operates 3 fulltime shifts with nearly 300 employees, a modernized engineering department utilizing the latest engineering software, and lead by two industry-respected specialists with an abundance of knowledge in the process and engineering of Ball Mills, Dryers, Mixers and Blenders.

Orbis Machinery requires the most stringent quality control measures to be observed to provide only the highest quality equipment. Our facility has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Standards in addition to maintaining the “U” and “R” ASME code stamp certificates for pressure vessel construction.

Steve Jakubiak

Steve Jakubiak served as Director of Engineering and Manufacturing for a major equipment manufacturer for over 30 years. He is now Orbis Machinery’s Managing Director. In his past experience he was responsible for design, product development, manufacturing and implementation of process machinery. During his tenure, he has worked on over 4,000 projects and amassed a vast knowledge of industrial, blending and drying equipment.

Ernie Jones

Ernie Jones is the Engineering Manager at Orbis Machinery. He has served as Chief Engineer for a major equipment manufacturer and was responsible for the design and development of drying, mixing and milling equipment. During his 30 plus years’ experience, he has implemented numerous mixing, drying and milling systems and prototypes. He facilitated numerous plant installations, provided field support engineering and worked with clients in solving manufacturing needs. He is also a registered Design Certifying Engineer with the D.O.T.in Washington DC.

Tony Jakubiak

Tony Jakubiak has been involved in the process equipment industry since 1984. He has served the industry in several different capacities which included equipment installation and removal, logistics and sales. He has been involved in numerous mixing, blending and milling projects throughout his career. Tony serves as Orbis Machinery’s Sales Manager and is focused on providing our customers with the best equipment option and support to meet their process needs.

Gino Malgieri

Gino Malgieri is the Sales Specialist for Orbis Machinery and has worked in industrial machinery sales for the past 18 years. He has spent the last thirteen years working in industrial woodworking. Previous to that he worked for a manufacturer of mixing and size reduction equipment. Gino is based out of Central NY, and has traveled the East Coast extensively, working as a sales engineer, district sales manager, and national sales manager.

We’d love to have you visit our facility to see our products being made by our skilled craftsmen. Call Orbis Machinery today to see how we can be of service for your next milling, blending, mixing or drying project.